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I'm sure you're all wondering what's been keeping grandma busy. Honestly, I've been so run off my feet I haven't even had time to go for a stroll past Edgey-poo's office! It was quite a surprise, out of the blue my son turned up on my doorstep and took me off to watch one of those puffed-up ball games the kids are playing these days. Trying to get back into my good books, I suppose, after being such an ungrateful squirt on that day. What do they call it? Mothers' day. Oh yes, he thought he could get away with an ugly postcard and flowers and a "sorry we couldn't be there"! Bah! That wife of his isn't even a mother and there he was frolicking around in the tropics with her instead of his own dear mother! Of course I wasn't going to stand for that kind of treatment and I called and made sure he heard about it every day until he went and threw his phone into the sea. That's another hundred dollars he'll be begging from the bank!

Anyway, there we were watching the game and really, it was such a bore, I couldn't tell you a single thing that happened, but all of a sudden these young snot-nosed punks start causing a ruckus right in the middle of the venue, just the kind of nasty behavior you would expect from delinquents congregating in crowds like that! Naturally, I couldn't watch such a thing without interfering, I marched right up to the snottiest little punk of all and kicked him right out on his sorry backside into the road, then I told the rest of his smart-aleck buddies that they ought to clear off or they'd all get the same, until they started crying for their mothers and I sent them all home in disgrace so the rest of us could be bored to death in peace. Well! The owner was so pleased he offered me a free meal on the buffet, and believe me it's a rare establishment that serves quality food around the clock like this one, why I've spent three days here already sampling everything I could get my hands on. Of course I've been doing my job too, oh yes, just last night I threw out three disrespectful youngsters who dared to make fun of my cracking hip, I even threw out a snobby young gentleman who refused my offer to have the place shut down for a private date, as if I would let in an unrefined hoon who knows nothing about handling a lady's heart! Edgey-boy, if you're reading this, you should stop by~~ I'll make sure there are special seats for handsome men in ruffles. ♥♥
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